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How to travel alone: a guide for women

How to travel alone: a guide for women

Traveling is always good. Especially when you do not need to coordinate your plans with other people and seek compromises. It is even better when you can visit places you have long wanted to see and on a budget, without needing to explain why you should go to this country or city right now. Do you know when all of this is possible? When you travel alone.

  • Why traveling alone is a great idea.
  • You have five reasons for this:

    -You can fly away at any time. No need to check schedules with friends, trying to find a single ladies online when it will be convenient for everyone (after three months, for example). Everything becomes much simpler.

    -Tickets are cheaper. If the tickets go on the promotion, then it can only extend to one seat, and the rest will go at full price. Plus, the bigger the company, the lower the chances that you will all fly at a low-cost flight.

    -You can choose a trip with the craziest transfers: no one will whine that they want to quickly arrive at their destination and practically you can arrange all the trip the way you want.

    -No shame: if you want to sleep all day in the room - you sleep in the room, without feeling guilty. If you want to have breakfast with tequila and chips, you have every right to do this without condemnation.

    -If you are going somewhere alone, you can find yourself a new company (and hide from it in case of something).

  • How to travel alone and comfortably
  • 1. Luggage

    It is clear that if you are going for a weekend, there is no point in carrying a huge suitcase with you. But, a surprise - even on a trip for two weeks it is not really needed. For warm countries (like Israel, Spain or Italy) and summer trips, everything you need will fit into a good backpack. Take a good look at your wardrobe and choose versatile items that will give a lot of combinations. Sneakers can be worn with anything.

    2. Finances

    Find out the details concerning plastic cards in the country you are going to in advance. When in Finland cards work almost anywhere, then in Germany there are serious problems with this. Depending on this, determine the amount of cash that you take with you.

    3. Housing

    If there is one thing that causes the most inconveniences in a solo journey then that is the rental of hotels and apartments. It is clear that you can rent a separate room for two for the price of a bed in a hostel, and an apartment on Airbnb for the same price.

    4. Security

    -The main rules: do not leave your drinks without attention, use only official taxis and specify in advance areas of the city that are considered to be unsafe.

    -If you are traveling to a religious country, it is better to clarify the rules of the “dress code” in advance. You may have to leave the mini shorts at home.

    -In some countries (for example, in Georgia), it is better to take a ring with you to wear it on your ring finger. Yes, this is not very feminist. But in this slightly foolish way can save you from unnecessary questions and actions.

    -Write down the embassy number in case you lose your passport. As well as it is worth taking photos of all important documents and save them somewhere far away in the cloud (but so that you always have access from any device).